Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Forward - "Rango"

So many CG flicks just seems to blur together into one long piece about about a talking animal/object on some quest for something or other. Gore Verbinsky's Rango didn't look any different. I should say that it didn't look any different until I saw this short "making of" featurette. After seeing this, I am genuinely interested in seeing Rango if for no other reason than to spite the Shrek style of animated filmmaking where the actors never even meet each other during production.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brief Thoughts on Regret

This whole "I've got no regrets" line is such crap. When did it become such a bad thing to have regrets? There are many moments in my life that I regret. Yes, I learned valuable things from those moments/actions I know regret, but I wish that valuable life lesson could have come at a lower emotional cost. I do not think it is healthy to spend anything more than a few brief moments here and there ruminating on things you regret, but I also don't think people need to beat themselves of trying to convince the world that if they could do it again, they'd do everything exactly the same. In fact, if you were given the chance to do everything over again, and did everything as you did it before, I would say that you didn't actually learn anything from those moments that you claim not to regret because of the invaluable life lesson you gleaned. It's okay to regret, as long as you understand that regret is only past tense.