Friday, December 26, 2008

Adventures in Questionable Eating: Spam/Velveeta

As students on a budget, sometimes we must be a little creative with the grocery items we have available. This time my ingredients came in the form of a Christmas present from my father. Turned out a lot better than my last adventure in questionable eating.

1. The Ingredients

2. Slice & Spice

3. Fry It Up!

4. Select Toppings

5. Melt To Taste

6. Pile On The Fun

7. Wrap and Enjoy!

8. Now for the Sweetness

9. Mmm, Real Chocolate

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

There have been a few movies here and there that I've been pretty excited about recently, but this is the first movie trailer in a while that has got me all kinds of excited. Excited enough that I feel compelled to share with as many people as possible. This is the new trailer for a movie called "9." The film's producers include Tim Burton, and Timur Bekmambetov whom I adore for his visual styling in "Night Watch," "Day Watch," and despite the story "Wanted." The actors in the film are also nothing short of brilliant. Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, and Jennifer Connelly. The film also features, one of the most under appreciated actors of our generation, Crispin Glover, whom you might remember as George McFly from the "Back to the Future" series. The song in the trailer also happens to be "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria, one of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite bands. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Show & Tell: Art Final

Well, after almost 14 hours of work, I finally finished my design final. I haven't decided if the final product reflects the number of photoshop hours. Either way, the assignment was to create a series of images that covers an amount of time all within the same kind of universe. For examples we could look to trailers or storyboard animatics and what not. We could only have six images however. I decided to do the life of a circle.

Here's the story:
1. Title Card
2. The college years - Rolling 101
3. Gets a job as the "O" in the Discover Card logo
4. Credit market crashes
5. He's lost his job being that he worked for a credit company
6. His death

Click the image to make it the proper size

Monday, December 8, 2008

Grammy's Get Goliath

The Mars Volta, my favorite living rock and roll group, has been nomated for a Grammy Award in the Best Hard Rock Performance category for the song "Wax Simulacra" (See below video) off their album The Bedlam in Goliath. So yeah, I actually care about the Grammy's again. Normally I look at the Grammy's as awarding the people that sold the most records, rather than the people that played the best music. Alas, there is hope for the world. That is all. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things To Say (Coming Soon)

- "New In Town," a.k.a. "Fargo, except not funny... or good"

- NanoWrimo a.k.a NonoWrito

- Adventures in Job Applications a.k.a. Is This Legal?

and... - Fun With Friends a.k.a. Kissing Anywhere but the Mouth

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh Lordy...

Well, my brain is a little bipolar right now. I'm really excited because I'm back in with Go Green Go Lansing. Not only do I approve of the program, I am very much a fan of every one that I've meet under the Go Green umbrella. I am nervous however for a couple of reasons. One reason is simply that people are actually expecting me to do what I've long said that I can do. Another reason is that my personal equipment situation is lack luster at best. After a few hours with a screw driver I've gotten my camera back to almost 100%, but there is still one piece that needs fixing, and it might not be able to be fixed. My computer right now, also, is not video editing friendly. I can scam time in various MSU and LCC labs, so I should be able to deal with that. My biggest worry is not having a regular camera. I hate the idea of telling people I will do things, specifically filming, when I don't even have the equipment necessary. I'm confident (no I'm not) that I'll be able to find enough people at the right times with cameras I can borrow. Ah well, I'm really really excited about getting my hands dirty, but I'm also a little nervous I'm going to end up like the reporter in the below video.

Monday, November 10, 2008

And The Search Continues

I have been on the job hunt for a while now and it's not as much fun as you might think it is. At this point, I'm in for anything (well, almost, I explain in a sec). I've taken a few odd jobs that were, for lack of a better word, odd. I was taking my daily wade through the news papers help wanted section and came across this:
Entertainment Co. is searching for reliable and friendly individuals with great communication skills. All shifts available. Call: 800.211.3152. Website:
So I'm thinking "I've got this shit in the bag. I'll just check out their website and get a feel for the company." Oh I got a feel.

Now, I don't think they are legally allowed to say that they are only looking for women, but I feel like I might have trouble getting in. Even if they did want males, considering the subject matter, I don't think I would be a valuable addition to the team. Actually, if women wanted to call and verbally dominate someone I'd probably do alright. Ah well, I might actually send 'em and email just to see, because I am qualified. I might just head over to this place looking for janitors. I must say though, it would be a great story to tell if I ever did become a phone sex operator. Am I turning you on? Should I take my pants off... or... well... I don't have to if... well I mean... what pants are you off... I mean ummmm... what kind of sex do you like...yeah, my nipples are hard... is this hot yet?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Truth

A warning: The blog post that follows this statement could be seen as some kind of vein attempt for attention. I wrote it because I had to. I wrote it thinking that no one would read it, all while secretly knowing that I was going to put it on my blog specifically for people to read. With that it mind I say continue reading at your own risk.

I am not a mans man. I'm not a tough guy. I don't have much in the way of cool looking facial hair. My sexual prowess could be called questionable at best. In a fight defending a woman's honor I would probably loose, although I would fight. I like Project Runway, Gilmore Girls, fashion design, and Coldplay. I also like Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, comics, death metal, and punk. I'm not a smooth talker. I have a fear of being outclassed by any guy even slightly taller or fitter than I am. I tend to lie or bend the truth about seemingly mundane things. I'm not really sure if I'm going to be successful in anything. I like parents. I like cats. I'm not a good dancer. I'm pretty bad at it, but I love cooking. I'm uncomfortable about my weight. I have a fear of commitment. I don't know where I'll be in a year. Given the chance, I can be awkward about anything and everything. Some days I like to go out and party, many nights however I just sit home and watch movies and listen to music. I don't know what to say, but I wouldn't know the right times to say them even if I knew the words. My academic career has been something of a mockery of the educational institution itself. I'm horrible with money. Sometimes, for a currently unknown reason, my blankets smell weird. I have a ham radio license. Despite all of that however, I am confident in my position on love. I love to love. Sometimes to a fault, but I'm willing to love anyone if they give me the chance. I write this because I'm tired of wishing that I was someone I'm not and honestly only want to be because I assume that's what women want. In truth, I have no idea what women want. In truth I don't know what I want. In truth I would rather be single for the rest of my life than spend one day with someone that wished I was something else other than what I am. In truth, I will always think farts are funny. And in truth, I know nothing.

The Mars Volta: Coming Back to Earth?

I'm a huge fan of a band called The Mars Volta (surprise). I own every studio album, ep, live album, live ep, and bonus track. I even have managed to find one of their albums on vinyl (Amputechture if you were wondering). Anyways, I frequent their website, checking for updates, seeing if they're playing anywhere near me, or any other news they may grace my eyes with. I've noticed something however, the updates are slowing down, and the live shows have worked down to none. Were I a less informed rabid fan I may be worried, but, of course am not worried. I know that they are planning on releasing their fifth full length studio album sometime this year, which if you check the date doesn't leave them much time. Besides the studio album, they are also planning on releasing a live concert DVD this year, again, check the date. So I am relatively confident after much thought that they are gearing up for a release. I can't say that they will for sure make the 2008 window, it may be in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2009 which would fit in line with anual tradition considering their last album, The Bedlam in Goliath, was released at the end of January of 2008. I know the album is going to be an acoustic album which I am incredibly intrested to hear. The Mars Volta have consistently created a new variation on their sound with every album and this will be no different. At this point I would take anything, a track list, album title, art work, or even just a tentative date for the release of the aforementioned information. I can already feel the excitement building in my nuggets. WOOOOO! Sorry about that (come on JD, keep it together). In closing, I leave you with a song that still gives me chills everytime I hear it: "The Widow" by The Mars Volta, of their 2005 album Frances the Mute.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Adventures in Questionable Eating - Syrup O's

If you've ever been down to the last of the groceries and you get those hunger pangs you can do things that some might consider, well, questionable. Today's ingredients: Toasted Oats Cereal, Half Stick of Butter, and Butter Flavored Syrup. Today I used a microwave, but I'd say it's not required.

STEP 1: The Gang's All Here
Step 2: Nuke 'Em
Step 3: Sweeten The DealStep 4: Tastes Like Creativity

(Be)fore play

Full update coming later but for now, however, a tease:

- Gilmore Girls Good
- Mars Volta Coming Back To Earth?

And because I can:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now We Play the Waiting Game

As I voted for Mr. B Obama I was hard pressed not to, besides completing the arrow, circle his name, put an exclamation point, check mark, underline, and sign and date in blood. Every successive mark I made after the Presidential section I would glance up making sure I was putting Obama and Biden in 1600, not McLame and Paldumb (that was mean).
Get Pumped Up With Otter:

Get Fired Up With Rage:

Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay kids, here we go. My name is JD, I'm 22 years old, and I love movies. As I'm writing this it's 1:44am on election day, November 4th, 2008. The two major candidates up for election are Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama. Right now, I have no idea what will happen. If John McCain wins I have already planned for ways of hiding my tears in class in the days following the election. I'm planning on being at my polling place around 6am. I realize polls don't open till 7am, but I just want to get it done and over with. After I vote I will take a deep breath and think about how different my country will be depending how who is elected. I will also think about how many of us on a basic level distrust and sometimes despise each other. I'll think about how some people believe that health care is a privilege, and not a right. I will think about how at that moment as I walk out of my polling place, somewhere, someone is being killed. Somewhere a person that had hopes and dreams, a mother and father, good times with their friends, bad days at work, angry ex lovers as well as satisfied new lovers, somewhere, that person is dying. A life is being extinguished and I'll be worried about not having my homework done for my 10am class. That person is dying and Barack Obama is whining about the keating five, and John McCain is blubbering about William Ayers. Don't we have bigger fish to fry? Shouldn't we remind this dying person that they're not alone, and that none of us are ever really alone? But what does it matter, they'll be dead soon and they won't feel anything, so why should we? Don't we have bigger fish to fry? We've gotta save our country. Will any revelation I have now at 2am make any kind of difference within myself? In 24 hours I'll be hopped up on sugar and pizza with my eyes glued to MSNBC and that person will be dead. And eventually, so will we all, so what does it matter?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

United States of Whatever

I love this country. It is my home and it is the home of my friends and family. The principles on which the country were founded are principles I agree with: Tolerance, Acceptance, and Freedom. It all sounds so beautiful. Presidential elections are coming up, and I know who I'm voting for (see right side of this page). As much hope as I might have, I know that on a very basic level I don't trust my goverment. Besides my government, I especially don't trust corporate conglomerates. I'm not saying there aren't good people within either that aren't trying to do good things. I do sometimes feel that we live in a world of fear and propaganda. We must take our pills and watch for certain side effects. We must invest. We must trust our government in time of "great crisis." We must trust the news. Yadda yadda yadda. I don't know anymore. Anyways, there was a trailer on Apple Trailers that caught my suspecting eyes: A movie called "Proud American." I'll put the trailer up so you can watch before I continue...

That has to be some of the most blatant, boner stroking, red meat propaganda of recent memory. It scares me. Not to mention if you watch the ending title screen, the film is so graciously presented by Coca Cola, Master Card, and Wal Mart. When you're watching the trailer you wonder if it's real. At first I thought it was a spoof. I get an uneasy feeling in the deepest and darkest corners of my bones. I also think that, while loving our country is a wonderful thing, we shouldn't be afraid to love on a global basis. We have plenty of problems of our own to keep us busy for now, but eventually we're all going to have to own up to the fact that we're all humans, and we're all stuck on this rock together. In the words of great man: "I've got news for you, pal. They're going to nail us, no matter what do. So we might as well have a good time." (See video below).

Also, I know I already have two videos in this post, but in honor of the title of this blog post I present one of my favorite songs of all time from one of my favorite mixed media artists ever:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wanna Cookie?

An update on the Biden/Palin bakery battle royale:

I've done some soul searching, I still can't decide what the heck it all means. One thing for sure, when this is all over, we'll have a new president, I'll either be crying tears of sadness or joy, and QD will go back to the battle between the smiley face and the pacman cookie respectively.

Friday, October 24, 2008

In Supplement: "Liar" & Life

This post is in supplement to the "Play Me" post right below this post. The 5th song on the mix that I posted is a song called "Liar" by Rollins Band. The genius behind the song is a man named Henry Rollins. Anyways, if you have ever had any relationship crap ever I suggest listening to the song. Even if things are perfect now (I don't mean to make that sound so glass is have full), you'll get a kick out of the song. Also, the video is fantastic. Enjoy eh?

Play Me - "Sick of it All!"

Hello ladies and germs. Are you sick of it all? Me too, that's why I made this mix. Drown your pain in angry music, or booze, or both. Special note: If you're specifically "Sick of it All" in regards to relationship shit, I suggest skipping to track 5.

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Track List -
1. "The Hunger" - The Distillers
2. "The Ghost of Tom Joad" - Rage Against The Machine
3. "In My Eyes" - Minor Threat
4. "Tell the Truth" - Immortal Technique feat. Mos Def
5. "Liar" - Rollins Band

Monday, October 20, 2008

Whatever This Means...

Quality Dairy, the place where I spend a majority of my life it seems, is holding a promotion right now where they're printing political faces on their cookies and cupcakes and keeping track of which faces I being purchased more. I bring you the results so far of the cookie sales. I can't imagine this represents a one to one ratio for voting results, and come on, wouldn't you rather eat Sarah Palin? Cupcake results coming soon.

My Favorite Fuzz

I was watching a video I took many moons ago of a cat I used to live with named Opie. I decided to post my favorite pictures that I've taken of our short in stature but big on love fuzzy friends.


Well I would just like to say: fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ;lkgf;ljbg;bg;obil;h;liwahjfl;khaw ;jnhgvjhs lvkiwghfvois hfpw lkxzh xb vosdkhf jksgf lkis f987w4y o5wy ef089hlfg izys 9ovp9zuxh vgo8zs7y tl;iauwhv 9opz8sj g0vos8zn fp9un cp9UIN p98c npaiwu cnvp9awinf pq98f jdp983qhfd p9wnvp;8wo9jg poiwa hfp9w hf97qfiuab vo9pus ngfp9n F[uqn f9pqnrfuobwqtl;iabepfrun{APF(*&J ;43o nro8q&WNd;iuoqyb3 runwpo9dn DLks bfa9pinLRI AHW;OFUBHSDVH; OUSZH PoiusaGBFN LISu FHPIA VB V VBTTG VFBGF TBV BVGTFRF. aLSO K BABbhfjflkj FOOblamatage. Bah, my life. Kerchunk.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Play Me

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Why Didn't He Say Anything?

There have been two instances in the last two presidential debates when John McCain has said something so crazy, I assumed the Obama and whoever was moderating were just going to look at him and say "what the fuck are you talking about?!" I've been secretly wishing that Obama would say "you're so incredibly wrong" in the cool way he does. First McCain was giving him crap about the Iraq War. He said that under Obama's plan the troops would have been pulled out too early and that whatever semblance of stability was in place would collapse. I thought the obvious response was "No, if Obama had his way, we would have never been in Iraq in the first place." The other moment came during this past Wednesday's debate when Obama and McCain were talking about teachers. McCain said that he wanted to introduce a plan that would allow members of the military to waive the need for a teaching certificate or license in order to teach in states that required licenses to teach. WTF?! I'm all for military benefits, they deserve 'em, but the idea that someone completing military service somehow inherently makes them good teachers is insane. Oh lordy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Show & Tell pt. 3

This is another image from the same project as the image in the post below this one. This is my shape interpretation, using only black and white, of a shark. This one is a bit smaller than the other one.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Show & Tell pt. 2

This is another piece from my design class. Using nothing but photoshop's paint brush tool and only the colors black and white (no greys), we were asked to create a couple of different sea creatures of our choosing. I chose jellyfish, horse shoe crab, and shark. Here's my rendering of a jellyfish. Also, we were specifically asked to be more ambiguous in our interpretation, as opposed to literally drawing the animal.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Art Class: Show & Tell

I'm taking a design class this semester and my professor doesn't go through everyone's pieces with the class. He does randomly pick five or six student's work to show, but I've never been called. No big deal, but I've been pretty happy with the work I've done this semester so I figure I will share some of the work I've done in a hopefully reoccurring set of posts designed to show you, dear internet, the work I've done. So yeah, this first piece I'm showing we were told to create a symmetrical image using a coffee mug. It's not perfect symmetry, but it does have relative horizontal symmetry. Anyways...

Adventures in Poor Eating

For anyone reading this who doesn't know, being poor sucks. At first it sucks not being able to go out to the bars or out for bubble tea. It sucks not being able to really buy fun stuff like DVD's or movie tickets. You start to really feel the weight of being broke when it comes to what your eating at home. I'm sure some of you have looked at the food you have and thought "If I just kinda cram it into a pot with some salt and pepper, I wonder how it would taste?" Well, I found out. It's not good. I fried scrambled eggs and steamed rice together into patties. I then put them on a plate with some salt and pepper, and topped it all off with some syrup. I realize I'm whining, but it's my blog and I feel the need. It just sucks when you're eating to fill up, regardless of taste. I mean, the egg/rice/syrup thing wasn't inedible, but you just don't feel better eating it. Argh, oh the things I would do for a slice of pizza right about now. Munch munch munch.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pornstar ID

Wait... I Thought We Figured This Out?

I was watching the vice-presidential debates and Palin and Biden we're asked about gay marriage. I was a little surprised, and maybe it was a little naivete, but I didn't realize gay rights was still an issue. I thought "Are we still talking about this? Is this still an issue?" It worries me that it's 2008, we're part of one of the biggest and most powerful countries in the world, and we're still worried about what two consenting adults do in their bedroom.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Noose Tightens

Sick of it all. Punish the wicked. Free the innocent. Buy buy buy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

In Preparation

In a moment of great insanity or great insight, I have come up with a plan to prepare for November. November 1st is the premier of Legend of the Seeker, the television show based on Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth book series. November 1st is also the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. My plan is to finish the entire Sword of Truth book series before the premier of the TV show. I also thought it would be fitting that I be counting down pages, 5175 to be exact, in preparation for writing 50 of my own. Let the wild rumpus begin!

Bigfoot or Hodge?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Avec Moi

Something has changed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who Knows...

These days, when I'm looking for new music, movies, or anything really, I wonder if I'm looking for something good, or if I'm looking for something different. I also wonder if there is a difference to me. Who knows, but seeing this trailer for "REPO! The Genetic Opera" has got me all sorts of excited. I'm not expecting to be amazed, but I am excited about getting to see an actual rock opera in a movie theater. I'm to tired right now to go any further, so for now, here's the trailer.

And This I Know

Write what I know
Say what I feel
Scared, not terrified
Do what I think
Obama '08

Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Apology To Late

I'm sorry my friend. I wish someone would have told me. I wish someone would have told me. Not that there was really anything I could have done, but I just with someone would have told me. I sat here trying to think of how I could say how I wish you were still here. I was trying to think of some way to say that I'm sorry you're gone. You didn't deserve the shit you had to swallow. I wish someone would have told me. I tried to write a song about how much it hurts, but I knew it wouldn't be good enough. I thought I should write a poem or something, but I suck at writing poems. I didn't know who to tell, so I'm going to tell any random internet grazer that I miss you. I really wish I you could tell me again about one of your new paintings, or how you could get me out of the draft. I wish I could tell you again that you drink to much coffee. I wish I could tell you congratulations again for making it through AA. I wish they hadn't sent you back to Iraq. I wish I could have been there when you got back. I wish I could have helped you get out of the bottle again. I wish this world didn't fucking suck so god damn much, I miss you. I'm so sorry. I love you Chris. Rest in peace man. I wish someone would have told me. God damn it I wish someone would have fucking told me. You deserved so much more.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tears for Fears

I was recently discussing the Democratic National Convention with one of my friends. We both described how we were moved to tears multiple times during the speeches. I've been sitting in my chair for that last 30 minutes or so trying to really understand why. At first, I thought the answer was obvious: the speeches we're well written, and amazingly delivered. But why would that move someone to tears. That's when I started thinking about a word used again and again this campaign season: hope. I was moved to tears because the future Mr. Obama, and Mr. Biden described was to beautiful. They described plans to do things I very badly want done. They described having the same dreams I have. I just want it so bad, and if I am to learn from my history, I have to expect that Obama will not be elected. I cried because I'm sick of hoping. Because I'm tired of putting in application after application with no call back. Because I'm tired of hearing news reports. Because I'm tired of fighting and not winning. Barrack has told me, and all of us, to hold on to hope for just a few more months. To keep hanging on to the rope, because soon he will be pulling us up. I'll hold on, for now. I'll hang on, for now. I'll keep hoping, for now.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who Wrote This?

I am not a fan of almost anything top 40, but I do like to know what's going in the music world. As of late there's been one man that keeps popping up on the top 40 that just knows how to push my buttons in all the wrong ways. That man is Kanye "Owe My Jaw" West. Currently, he's a featured artist in a song by a lady calling herself Estelle. The song is called "American Boy" and I put the youtube video below. Something about the song has been nagging at me. Estelle's chorus sounds freakishly like an 80's synth-pop song. I don't know which one specifically, but it sounds like it could have been Blondie, or even Tom Tom Club. I was doing some research and supposedly it's all original though. I don't know, either way, as much as I may not like it, it's very catchy. Damn you MR. WEST!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

To Be or To Act

Recently I've been asking myself a question: Am I a nice person? And I really don't know the answer. I'm not sure which part of not knowing worries me more, the simple fact that I don't know for sure, or the chance that I'm not a nice person. I want to be a kind person. I think. If I say I want to be something, I want to know what that something involves. I wouldn't go out of my way to apply for a job which has a nice sounding title, but requires that which I do not have. I have thoughts all the time about how little I think of a person, or how unimpressive I think they are. When I actually talk to them however I'm going out of my way to be as understanding and non judgmental as I can. Is kindness simply a matter of editing what you're actually thinking? Is it really editing, or are you being dishonest with yourself or that person? Isn't dishonesty usually looked upon as unkind? When we meet people, is our initial processing of assessing a persons personality merely trying to figure out how dishonest we need to be with them? Is a persons kindness measured by how willing they are to do things they don't want to do and not complain about it? There is a time and place for being courteous, but I certainly don't want people bullshitting me? Or do I? Do I want people to just be so good at bullshitting that I have no idea what their true feelings are? Is ignorance really bliss?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey, College! You Hear Me?!

This quote is actually from an old blog post I made in late 2004. The original blog post has been re-posted in the blog post below. Who's on first? There is one quote towards the end of that old post that still perfectly sums up my feelings about school.
I'm not here to impress anyone, I'm here because I want to fucking learn a trade, apply it to real life, make some money, and fucking retire so I can go back to what I was doing before you took all my fucking money

It still makes me laugh.

Reflections: Ahhhhhhh crap....

I was going through an old blog/journal. First thing I noticed is that I swore, a lot. Second thing is how different I feel, while at the same time, how similar I feel. I think I found the perfect post that sort of sums up my education.

Blog post by me, JD Forslin on Thursday, December 9th 2004 at 3:44am. For a little context, this is just about 6 months after I graduated from high school and I'm almost finished with my first semester at NMU, and anyone who knows me knows how that ended. Also, there are a lot of run on sentences. You have been warned.

3:55a - welcome to the AM
It's late... or early, whatever, I'm tired, but I can't sleep. I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about how stupid I have been. The whole time this semester whenever I wouldn't do a piece of homework or whatever I would be saying to myself "you'll regret this later, you are SO going to regret this later" and I am, I'm regreting every single time I did something where I said that to myself, I'm regreting everytime that happened in the last FIVE YEARS! What have I made of myself? Do I even know? Not really... top 5 dream jobs: 1. Rich 2. Panda Breeder 3. Film Director 4. Script Writer 5. Archeologist . What am I currently majoring in? Art and Design... what the fuck am I doing there, when I turn in a piece of work and people start telling me what's wrong with it, it's like they are saying my opinion is wrong... if I fucking meet the requirements for the piece, then it should be a fucking A++++, not "well, I think it would have looked better with a big shit stain on it", oh, I didn't realize we were being graded on our taste in color. My History class "Alright class, here is the powerpoint, copy it down word for word as a recite it to you, and no it will not be available online because it is cheating to review and study, and if you are sick... then you are cheating, so eat shit and start copying". My math class "Me make funny joke, me coach for volleyball team, me likey bouncy me likey bouncy". My computer science class "I turned this into you a week early because I was having some trouble with it and I was wondering if you could look it over" techer: "Okay, so what's the problem" JD: "That's why I submitted to you to look at, because I don't know" teacher: "Oh, well I'll take a look at it while I'm stabbing you in the back and pretending to teach" JD: "acctually you already saw it, and you graded it, even though the project isn't due for a fucking week and I was asking for help" teacher: "...." (walks away) ... FYI, that computer science thing I just told you about really did happen to me. I don't care about the grade... well obviously I care somewhat, but I just want to learn this shit, I want to be a fucking smarter person, FOR REAL, not on fucking paper. "JD, you're grades are slipping" NO SHIT, I'm not learning anything "well, that's not my problem, you aren't just exerting yourself, you should study more and research more" "if I have to do all that, WHAT THE FUCK am I paying you for? For you to tell me that my grades are slipping? To make stupid jokes for 10 minutes at the beginning of class? To FUCKING walk away when I ask you for help? To make a joke about my last name sounding like the skin surrounding your tiny dick?! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! I'm not here to cause problems, I'm not here to meet new people, I'm not here to go to wild parties, as a matter of fact, the only parties I've ever been to are band parties, I'm not here to impress anyone, I'm here because I want to fucking learn a trade, apply it to real life, make some money, and fucking retire so I can go back to what I was doing before you took all my fucking money". I've never drank alcohol illegally, I've never done any illicit drugs (the illegal ones), I've never been pulled over by a cop, I don't go to parties, I prefer a quiet night at home then going out, I listen to Fleetwood Mac and Frank Sinatra (I also listen to Megadeath, Cradle of Filth, and a bejesus load of other music, so music doesn't count), and look how I turned out, I turned out struggling in college, working at a gas station, and talking to a computer at 4am in my fucking underwear. Was it worth it? I don't have any stories to tell anyone, no cool stories about getting drunk then having sex with the cheerleader, I've never skipped a class, I don't have a ton of drinkin buddies. I stayed straight and narrow all this time, and look where it has gotten me... something is wrong. w00t!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Give 'Em Something To Talk About

When I talk to people about how their lives are going, and how they've been doing, the conversation inevitably leads to relationships. Rarely does anyone have anything good to say. Part of me just doesn't want to hear about the hook-ups, break ups, let downs, and bastard men. But another part of me, maybe the masochistic part, wants to hear every gory detail. As these things go, I actually do want to talk about it. I want to know that I'm not crazy. I want to know that is all those other jerks fault. I want to know that for all the bitches, and all the bastards in the world, I'm just fine. I want to know that other people have hit the shit. I want to know that it hurts. But I want them to be happy. I want to be happy. I want to know that they're going to be happy. I want to know that there aren't any bitches or bastards left. I want to know that there was some kind of toxin released into the air and all the asses are dead, and all that remains are the cool people. When I decided that I was going to start writing in my blog again, I told myself that I wasn't going to talk about this crap anymore. Here we are though. Maybe because it's a universal truth that relationships can suck. But however rare it may seem to me know, I would also like to believe their is a universal truth to be found in the happy couple. Ah well, I'll let ya know when I get there.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Learning To Accept

Being back in Marquette has made me realize some things. I used to come back and people would be in the same place they were when I left. Doing the same thing, drinking the same drinks, eating the same foods, laughing at the same jokes. I used to think "How sad, they're still here, I'm trying, but they're just lying down and taking it." I'm realizing how incredibly insensitive I was being. Whatever their life is, it is their life to live, and they seem happy. Maybe I'm the sad one always reaching for the next thing, rather than being happy with what is right in front of me. I don't want it to sound like it's good to let go of your dreams or to give up, but if your happy, be happy. Who am I to feel sadness for someone who has found happiness. They've found it. It's not what I want, but why can't I just be happy for someone simply because they're happy. Why do I always feel the need to quantify someone's success? Why do I need to assign achieved degrees, and job titles to someone to prove to myself that they're happy? Just because they don't have some things, doesn't mean they don't have it all. I apologize.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Business Of Taking Pictures

I've been on a couple of trips recently. I've noticed a few things. One: I like being on vacation. Two: A lot of pictures are taken. I'm fine with picture taking, in fact I'm usually doing a good percentage of the photography. Have, however, digital cameras or cameras in general become a substitute for experience? I've noticed people will get to whatever destination, make sure everyone is photographed in that spot then they move on. It seems like the more important thing has become the photographic evidence of your being there, rather than your own experience. I was recently traveling with my brother and his girlfriend and we went on a bike ride and she would stop frequently to take a picture of us, or the scenery, then move on. After the ride was over we loaded up the bikes into the van and headed off. On the trip home she was looking through the pictures she just took, reminiscing over them as if they were some distant memory. I don't doubt she had a genuine lasting experience, but will she remember the place or the pictures more? I will admit to taking pictures with the specific purpose of uploading them to facebook just to show others that I did something or for my profile picture. I've really noticed a disconnect when I'm filming an event or something. I really just want to put my camera down and relax like everybody else. The weird thing about pictures though is that we try make them appear as if everything is business as usual someone just happened to taking a picture. Ah well. C'est La Vie... or something.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Extreme Ends

I was asked to join one of my friends in front of the capitol (of Lansing) this year, specifically on September 11th. He asked me if I wanted to help him pass out literature regarding 9/11 and how it might have been an "inside job." I've seen "Loose Change," I've even got a "9/11 was an inside job" sticker. I just don't know if I can completely trust any side enough to say I believe in one or the other. The facts are this, I saw a video report on CNN when I was in high school that said the twin towers had been struck by airplanes and that they later collapsed from these hits. I have been to New York and seen the memorial site at "ground zero." Ultimately though, I'm basing all of my information, besides those few pieces that I experienced personally, on reports from other people. It is just as likely that "9/11 was an inside job," as it is the government created these conspiracy groups. In the book "1984" by George Orwell, a place was described where all the information people received was from a central organization. This central organization spoke of wars and terrorist attacks and other such things. The people believed it because they were told to believe it. Today, most people get all of their information about the rest of the world from news agencies, blogs, web videos, or whatever. All these places are telling us that they've got the real story, and that we should trust them. I'm not saying you should avoid these things, but be willing to ask all the questions you can because ultimately only you can define your own truth. Basically, I will never be able to completely trust either side of the "9/11 was an inside job" story because one side will be always be telling me what they want me to hear, and the other side will be telling me what I want to hear. In my gut, I do believe that there was a tragic loss of good people on a massive scale that day and that while I talk about conspiracy theories and such I intend no mockery of their pain or loss. To paraphrase The Joker, tragedy is like gravity, sometimes all it takes is a little push. 9/11 was the push, and Iraq is our tragedy. Who knows.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Concerns about the world getting warmer, people thought they were just being rewarded.

I love the summer, I do. This heat though is killing me. Sleep has been crap at best. I can't think. I can't find motivation (not that I could before. It is the way of any good Michigan citizen worth his or her salt. When it's warm, wish for cold, when it's cold, wish for warm, and when somebody asks you where you live, hold up your hand.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Magic Burn of Low Prices

Son: "Dad! My eyes are burning. Why?"
Dad: "That's the burn of low prices son. That's America."

I've recently moved into a new apartment and I quickly realized I'm missing quite a few living essentials. Plates, cups, silverware, cleaning supplies in general, and so on. I was going to go to [insert big name store here] but on the way there I saw a dollar store and thought "lets give it a whirl." I got inside and the first thing I noticed was a burning sensation in my eyes. Next I noticed the patrons had sad and defeated looks on all their faces. As I browsed the aisles I was surprised to find a lot of things I actually needed. Not only did I need them, but they were actually a dollar. It really was row after row of mass produced crap though. Like I said, I did need some of it, but the way it looked I'm guessing the stock of the store changes weekly based on what fell of wal-marts boat on the way to the states. It was an interesting experience and I'll go back one of these days but for now I got everything from there I could think of and I could also do without the burn in my eyes.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Performance of a Life

"The Dark Knight" was brilliant. I'm expecting to see it in ye olde IMax at some point soon with the cronies which I'm very much looking forward to. Now, to get right to it. I don't want to take away from Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Arron Eckhart, Gary Oldman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, or even Anthony Michael Hall, but Heath Ledger as The Joker was fucking brilliant. I never knew I could have chills run down my spine as I laughed. Ledger so perfectly was madness. Was a deformation of humanity. Was uncompromising evil. I do not mean to be disrespectful to Ledger or his family, but him playing this character so completely must have contributed to his death. When I see The Joker on screen it scared me to think that I could no longer see Ledger in the eyes. He had become The Joker. Michael Meyers is well known for really getting into character, and he is fine (mostly), but Austin Powers wasn't insane. Ledger was getting into a character of unflinching evil. He spent almost a year getting into and playing a mad man. I wondered to myself if such a performance would make Ledger an amazing actor? Or was him becoming this character simply a sign of a weak sense of self? What if someone with a weak sense of self found this persona. One of confidence. One of genius, more importantly misunderstood genius. Could Ledger have developed a case of Stockholm's Syndrome, where a captive begins to sympathize with their captor. Could this character have taken Ledger hostage, then Ledger began to empathize with his points of view? Either way, "The Dark Knight" is an astounding cinematic achievement. One that I can't wait to see again soon.

P.S. Continuing the good fight, there was a "Watchmen" trailer at the beginning of the movie which I promptly closed my eyes and plugged my ears during. Go me.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thar She Blows

There it is. The "Watchmen" trailer. It's teasing me. It wants to be watched. That is its singular purpose of existence. Who am I to deny an artistic vision. Who am I to deny purpose. But who am I to lie to myself. Who am I to squander so frivolously my own chance at the joy of discovery. No, I shall not click it today. For this day, this day, is the first day of the rest of my life!