Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things To Say (Coming Soon)

- "New In Town," a.k.a. "Fargo, except not funny... or good"

- NanoWrimo a.k.a NonoWrito

- Adventures in Job Applications a.k.a. Is This Legal?

and... - Fun With Friends a.k.a. Kissing Anywhere but the Mouth


Yels said...

omg we are no longer friends. That last picture did not show up when I opened the page, until i scrolled down.

JD Forslin said...

LMAO, yeah that picture is not very much fun... I'm thinking about taking it down cause it even makes me a little uncomfortable.

Dedric said...

I think I missed this picture of uncomfortableness. I am le sad.

Yels said...

You are not le sad. You are le lucky.

Now JD, if you change it back, you will be back on my shit list if I accidentally see it again. No, I don't trust you. WHy do you ask?

JD Forslin said...

Dedric, when you get back here I'll show you the picture. It makes me giggle.

And no, I'm not going to change the picture back, even I'm a little put off by it. Also I love pandas, and I couldn't take them down. Maybe the picture shows up someplace other than my blog, I don't know, I'm not a doctor.