Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Show & Tell: Art Final

Well, after almost 14 hours of work, I finally finished my design final. I haven't decided if the final product reflects the number of photoshop hours. Either way, the assignment was to create a series of images that covers an amount of time all within the same kind of universe. For examples we could look to trailers or storyboard animatics and what not. We could only have six images however. I decided to do the life of a circle.

Here's the story:
1. Title Card
2. The college years - Rolling 101
3. Gets a job as the "O" in the Discover Card logo
4. Credit market crashes
5. He's lost his job being that he worked for a credit company
6. His death

Click the image to make it the proper size


Yels said...

The end is sphere!? Love it!!

Dedric said...

That is hilarious.

I particularly love "here lies a well rounded individual."

Bravo mein freund, bravo.