Friday, December 26, 2008

Adventures in Questionable Eating: Spam/Velveeta

As students on a budget, sometimes we must be a little creative with the grocery items we have available. This time my ingredients came in the form of a Christmas present from my father. Turned out a lot better than my last adventure in questionable eating.

1. The Ingredients

2. Slice & Spice

3. Fry It Up!

4. Select Toppings

5. Melt To Taste

6. Pile On The Fun

7. Wrap and Enjoy!

8. Now for the Sweetness

9. Mmm, Real Chocolate


JF.Superior said...

Ah, but JD chooses to not comment on the spiritual intensity of this basic celebratory meal. This set of foods is known, well known, to yield profound insights and greater powers for good.

Yels said...

Last night I decided I had to have cake... so I bought mix and whatnot... and THEN I decided I couldn't wait for it to bake so guess what I did?

No seriously, guess. You will be so impressed that I have to make you guess first.


I put some of the batter on top of chocolate ice cream. It was pretty fantastic. I'm lucky to be alive.