Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh Lordy...

Well, my brain is a little bipolar right now. I'm really excited because I'm back in with Go Green Go Lansing. Not only do I approve of the program, I am very much a fan of every one that I've meet under the Go Green umbrella. I am nervous however for a couple of reasons. One reason is simply that people are actually expecting me to do what I've long said that I can do. Another reason is that my personal equipment situation is lack luster at best. After a few hours with a screw driver I've gotten my camera back to almost 100%, but there is still one piece that needs fixing, and it might not be able to be fixed. My computer right now, also, is not video editing friendly. I can scam time in various MSU and LCC labs, so I should be able to deal with that. My biggest worry is not having a regular camera. I hate the idea of telling people I will do things, specifically filming, when I don't even have the equipment necessary. I'm confident (no I'm not) that I'll be able to find enough people at the right times with cameras I can borrow. Ah well, I'm really really excited about getting my hands dirty, but I'm also a little nervous I'm going to end up like the reporter in the below video.

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Dedric said...

Ah, that video always makes me giggle.

I don't think you'll end up like the guy in the video. I'd expect you to make some sort of strange high pitched noise and then curse profusely.