Friday, October 24, 2008

In Supplement: "Liar" & Life

This post is in supplement to the "Play Me" post right below this post. The 5th song on the mix that I posted is a song called "Liar" by Rollins Band. The genius behind the song is a man named Henry Rollins. Anyways, if you have ever had any relationship crap ever I suggest listening to the song. Even if things are perfect now (I don't mean to make that sound so glass is have full), you'll get a kick out of the song. Also, the video is fantastic. Enjoy eh?


Dedric said...

That was...well I can't quite come up with the words, but somewhere between a squelch and a squeeble there is a word for what I'm thinking.

Either way it was pretty awesome though. The video only made it better.

JD Forslin said...

I think one person found what was actually between a squelch and a squeeble. Soon after, that person started a band called Wilt Chamberline and The Monkey Fuckers, whose only song was a recording of the lead singer pulling his brains out through his nose with a life size cardboard cutout of Princess Leia in her slave bikini outfit. Being that the body cannot survive without the mind, the band broke up not soon after. So yeah, long story short, you don't want to know.