Monday, October 6, 2008

Stars in the Backyard


Yels said...

I love this. And I love that you've been posting a lot lately!

JD Forslin said...

This photo was actually one of those pictures you hear people tell stories about or whatever. I wound the film wrong, so the counter wasn't counting how many pictures I had taken, and this was actually the last shot I took but I wasn't even sure that I was actually taking a picture. So yeah, it actually turned out to be my favorite of the roll so I'm really glad that you liked it. It's this tree that's in the courtyard at my apartment.

Also, I don't remember if you were talking to me about it, or if I heard it on one of my tapes... I mean, in passing, but you were talking about how you were going to try and post more and also use more images in your posts. That was the inspiration for me to kind of get off my ass about it, and I've also been following and very much enjoying your stuff. So hooray for both of us.