Friday, October 17, 2008

Why Didn't He Say Anything?

There have been two instances in the last two presidential debates when John McCain has said something so crazy, I assumed the Obama and whoever was moderating were just going to look at him and say "what the fuck are you talking about?!" I've been secretly wishing that Obama would say "you're so incredibly wrong" in the cool way he does. First McCain was giving him crap about the Iraq War. He said that under Obama's plan the troops would have been pulled out too early and that whatever semblance of stability was in place would collapse. I thought the obvious response was "No, if Obama had his way, we would have never been in Iraq in the first place." The other moment came during this past Wednesday's debate when Obama and McCain were talking about teachers. McCain said that he wanted to introduce a plan that would allow members of the military to waive the need for a teaching certificate or license in order to teach in states that required licenses to teach. WTF?! I'm all for military benefits, they deserve 'em, but the idea that someone completing military service somehow inherently makes them good teachers is insane. Oh lordy.


Dedric said...

I'm with you on the military benefits thing, but seriously? That borders on reminding me of Starship Troopers where you have to serve in the military in order to do much of anything. I mean, it's a hop skip and a jump to it, but I know if you ask some people "four years of college where I pay to learn to teach and have to jump through a bunch of hoops" or "serve a couple years in the military" in order to teach, well, you see where I'm going.

Hell, it was the loop holes that kept me from going into teaching in the first place, but they're there for a reason. To keep crazy people like me from corrupting the youth.

I think I had a point there, but basically it boils down to McCain being stupid.

JD Forslin said...

lol, couldn't have said it better myself.