Friday, October 24, 2008

Play Me - "Sick of it All!"

Hello ladies and germs. Are you sick of it all? Me too, that's why I made this mix. Drown your pain in angry music, or booze, or both. Special note: If you're specifically "Sick of it All" in regards to relationship shit, I suggest skipping to track 5.

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Track List -
1. "The Hunger" - The Distillers
2. "The Ghost of Tom Joad" - Rage Against The Machine
3. "In My Eyes" - Minor Threat
4. "Tell the Truth" - Immortal Technique feat. Mos Def
5. "Liar" - Rollins Band

1 comment:

Dedric said...

So I completely forgot yesterday that I had meant to comment on how awesome your mix was and, how it made me want to destroy something, but I got caught up in the mind expansion project and expanded my mind too far.

But on a separate note, I somehow seem to have stumbled upon a strange remix of "Right Where it Belongs" but I only have it on my myspace. Being that the jump to that social hell hole might be too much, I discourage seeking it, but if you do, on my profile I've got one of those things, and if you scroll and find "Right Where It Belongs" it's that version.