Sunday, October 12, 2008

Show & Tell pt. 2

This is another piece from my design class. Using nothing but photoshop's paint brush tool and only the colors black and white (no greys), we were asked to create a couple of different sea creatures of our choosing. I chose jellyfish, horse shoe crab, and shark. Here's my rendering of a jellyfish. Also, we were specifically asked to be more ambiguous in our interpretation, as opposed to literally drawing the animal.


Yels said...

I think this is probably a sign that I should sleep but... for some reason when I look at it, it almost looks like it's moving. TO CLARIFY... ever watched a ceiling fan and if you keep looking, it starts to move backward? Kinda like that. OK I'm done.

JD Forslin said...

I think I know what you mean. Sometime when I stare at my fan it appears to start spinning in the opposite direction. I tried doing that same look at this thing and I started to feel dizzy so I cut myself off. But yeah, if it looks like it's moving to you then I think that's good, cause a jellyfish should be kinda floaty and moving.

Dedric said...

I like it. Simple yet elegant. It speaks jellyfish and yet so much more.