Wednesday, October 29, 2008

United States of Whatever

I love this country. It is my home and it is the home of my friends and family. The principles on which the country were founded are principles I agree with: Tolerance, Acceptance, and Freedom. It all sounds so beautiful. Presidential elections are coming up, and I know who I'm voting for (see right side of this page). As much hope as I might have, I know that on a very basic level I don't trust my goverment. Besides my government, I especially don't trust corporate conglomerates. I'm not saying there aren't good people within either that aren't trying to do good things. I do sometimes feel that we live in a world of fear and propaganda. We must take our pills and watch for certain side effects. We must invest. We must trust our government in time of "great crisis." We must trust the news. Yadda yadda yadda. I don't know anymore. Anyways, there was a trailer on Apple Trailers that caught my suspecting eyes: A movie called "Proud American." I'll put the trailer up so you can watch before I continue...

That has to be some of the most blatant, boner stroking, red meat propaganda of recent memory. It scares me. Not to mention if you watch the ending title screen, the film is so graciously presented by Coca Cola, Master Card, and Wal Mart. When you're watching the trailer you wonder if it's real. At first I thought it was a spoof. I get an uneasy feeling in the deepest and darkest corners of my bones. I also think that, while loving our country is a wonderful thing, we shouldn't be afraid to love on a global basis. We have plenty of problems of our own to keep us busy for now, but eventually we're all going to have to own up to the fact that we're all humans, and we're all stuck on this rock together. In the words of great man: "I've got news for you, pal. They're going to nail us, no matter what do. So we might as well have a good time." (See video below).

Also, I know I already have two videos in this post, but in honor of the title of this blog post I present one of my favorite songs of all time from one of my favorite mixed media artists ever:


Dedric said...

If you hadn't have told me that was a movie trailer I would have thought it was a commercial for any of those companies. At best, maybe a made for T.V. movie. But an honest to the gods movie about that? I mean, one of those stories might make a compelling movie with the right actors. And I mean the right actors. But five stories in one? And being released on Imax too?

I don't know which frightens me more. That this movie will be aired, that people will pay to see it, or somewhere in those people who pay to see it will be those who call it the greatest cinematic experience they've ever seen and that somehow that movie justifies all of the horrible things that happen in this country because those people happen to make it.

I agree with you. I love this country, despite whatever flaws it may have, but I can't even call it the best country out there. Not by a long shot. Back when liberal ideas like freedom, and justice for all, and the like were new and fresh, maybe, but now, though still hard to come by, it's better in other places. And I think this country has forgotten what it truly means to be an American.

Yels said...

I love that they set it to Pirates of the Caribbean music. That's all I could think about when I watched it.

That's really stupid.