Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tears for Fears

I was recently discussing the Democratic National Convention with one of my friends. We both described how we were moved to tears multiple times during the speeches. I've been sitting in my chair for that last 30 minutes or so trying to really understand why. At first, I thought the answer was obvious: the speeches we're well written, and amazingly delivered. But why would that move someone to tears. That's when I started thinking about a word used again and again this campaign season: hope. I was moved to tears because the future Mr. Obama, and Mr. Biden described was to beautiful. They described plans to do things I very badly want done. They described having the same dreams I have. I just want it so bad, and if I am to learn from my history, I have to expect that Obama will not be elected. I cried because I'm sick of hoping. Because I'm tired of putting in application after application with no call back. Because I'm tired of hearing news reports. Because I'm tired of fighting and not winning. Barrack has told me, and all of us, to hold on to hope for just a few more months. To keep hanging on to the rope, because soon he will be pulling us up. I'll hold on, for now. I'll hang on, for now. I'll keep hoping, for now.

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