Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Price On The Wings Of An Eagle

Gas prices rising, movie ticket prices rising, economy in decline, air carriers shutting down, and we're, according to George Bush, not in a recession. I'm not really sure if that first sentence makes any sense, but oh well. First, gas prices.

I don't own a car, or anything that uses gasoline for that matter, but I still feel a little sticker shock every time I walk by a gas station. Part of me hopes that higher gas prices will mean people being more creative about getting from point A to point B, and reducing their carbon foot print. I also hope it means new solutions for truck drivers, and for air carriers. At the same time, I worry, because I don't want to see people simply slip into despair and apathy because air lines are shutting down, or because a store raises their prices because a lot of truck drivers on going on strike. People are loosing money in their jobs, and then their getting kicked while there down trying to make it home to their families. I'm not saying I don't want changes towards cleaner cars and forms of transport, I just wish people didn't have to be put under all this pressure. My friend Dedric and I were talking about this, and we both agree that in the future, there will be a point for the human race, a cracking point, and we were wondering which way the world would crack. Either it will crack and people will see the error in their ways and find the motivation to make the changes that need to be made, or, people will simply slip into a panicked despair, and lose all hope. I don't know what I'm even saying anymore. Bah. Also, movie ticket prices are going up around the country because of declining numbers of patrons, but trust me, with more and more home theaters out there, raising prices is not the way to get people back in your door. Especially not when parents want to take their kids out to the movies and it ends up costing $50, when they could just make a bag of popcorn and rent a movie for under $10. Razzle dazzle. Funk.

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