Sunday, August 16, 2009

Editing Photos - What Have I Been Missing?!

So, I recently got a 17" MacBook Pro, and suddenly I see the world differently. Lights are brighter, colors clearer, edges more defined... in my photographs that is. I kept reading about all this work people did on their photos after they took them, but I had no idea what they were doing. So I was flipping through my photos in iPhoto (it's a Mac thing, no big deal) and I noticed a little button that said "Edit." I though "what a novel idea, editing photos." I picked a picture I took a while back and away I went, and subsequently, never plan to return. First there was the RGB scale, sliding the bars up and down effortlessly, as if a Ouija board guiding me to the perfect spot. Then, a tri-force of tuning; EXPOSURE, CONTRAST, SATURATION! What wonders! What idle hands could have crafted such witchcraft. Then definition, followed by highlights, and on and on until resting at de-noise. My breaths short, and my heart beats shorter I thought surely that was it, surely there couldn't be more... but then, there it was. Each letter sounded a symphony as I read it in my head, "Temperature." Doth mine eyes deceive me? With all disregard for my cardio-vascular systems, I slid the slider a cool, or should I say hot, 10 degrees to the right. I did not see a warning when I received my MacBook, I did not feel empty inside, yet I knew my soul had to have been taken, because this could only be the work of the devil himself. Beauty; simple and uncompromising. I am in love... with editing my photos.

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Kaje said...

Now give me your opinion on this, because it's something I've wondered about and that I've heard bitched about from some photographers: Is that not cheating more than a little? I mean using the computer to enhance the image rather than using other sorts of skills on the spot, such as playing with lighting, angles, lenses, etc. I can see it both ways, that doing it in the moment using "traditional" techniques is not that different from using digitalized versions of the same techniques. But do you think it takes away from the artistry and artistic merit of the process, now that anyone with a Mac (or computer with similar photo editing software) can make the same sort of effects? Btw, this is not a dig at your editing skills, I'm honestly wondering your opinion. ~Katelynn~