Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tune Watch - 8bit "Dark Side"

If there's one this world has enough of, it's recreation/tribute albums to Pink Floyd's landmark album "The Dark Side of The Moon." So imagine my skepticism when I was shown a link to an 8bit recreation of "Dark Side." The bad taste of The Flaming Lips version of "Dark Side" was still fresh in my mouth. After listening, in its entirety, I can report that this 8bit recreation of "Dark Side," titled "MOON8," is amazing. Every moment is just so clever. You sit there in anticipation of all your favorite moments you know and love from the original, and "MOON8" delivers every time. I would highly recommend downloading it from the creator, Rain Warrior, on his/her site (which I'll link at the bottom). I'm also including the YouTube links if you want to taste before you bite. Wonderful.

Part 1 "Speak To Me/Breath/On The Run":

YouTube Playlist of the entire 8bit album:

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