Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adventures w/ Another White Male

The trailer for the film Mars Needs Moms was just released (which I linked below). I was immediately struck by the fact that this is another story from Robert Zemeckis, done with MoCap (motion capture), about the adventures of a white male. Robert Zemeckis, and his team at ImageMovers Digital also created The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol. While Zemeckis is not the director of Mars Needs Moms, he is the producer, and I'm sure he had some creative input. My question for Mr. Zemeckis is: Aren't you tired of making stories about white males? Speaking of which, aren't all animation directors tired of it? Generally, if it's not about a talking animal, it's a about a white male, usually a child. I can think of Monsters vs Aliens, which featured a young white woman. I suppose Up had a non-descript Asian boy, but he played kind of a dope in the movie. I suppose I haven't completely finished formulating my opinion, but when diversity in a genre means having a white guy voice a panda, there's a problem.

Mars Needs Moms

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