Monday, July 14, 2008

Love Note Future

I have loved many people in my life, but have I even been in love? Is there a difference? Or maybe I never have felt love. Maybe no one really knows what love is. Maybe only a few people in history have ever felt true love, and they simply can't explain to other people what it feels like. Maybe love doesn't have to hurt. Maybe marriage isn't work. Maybe we only accept the pain because others have felt it. Is it wrong to leave love when it hurts? If it hurts, is it really love? Is the pursuit of love purely a selfish one? And if your intentions are selfish can you really be in love? Or are you just experiencing what you expect love to be? Maybe love is truly unique in every incarnation, and love is whatever we want it to be.

While thinking about these questions I imagined being truly in love, and I imagined what I would say to the one I love. However cheesy, it sounded right to me, and like I said, maybe love is simply what each of us makes of it.

I will love you as I do the black keys. Often not appreciated for the sad song they sing. I hear the beautiful ring as each hammer strikes each wire. I've heard the song sung by the white keys many times. It's not that I've heard all the possible note combination's, but it is the mystery and melancholy of the whites darker relative that truly stirs.

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