Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Story

This is a character sketch called "Orange and White Socks." I wrote it based on a character I made up after I saw a girl in Washington D.C. drinking a Pepsi after she brushed her teeth.

"Orange and White Socks"
The girl in the purple cardigan drinks her Pepsi. The carbonation courses between her teeth. It's late, the caffeine will play games with her dreams. Her hair clumps together from the grease and the sweat; she hopes no one notices. She laughs at a joke, forcing herself into the adjacent conversation. She looks happy as the people accept her into the discussion, but inside she cries. She cries because she knows they won't wait for her. She cries because in the morning they will forget who she is. She cries because she tries but knows she's really just alone.

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