Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quite the day

Here are the house, everything is quiet now. Today was awesome. Dedric and I jammed for at least 6 hours, got a lot of great stuff recorded... we just might have a band... and a couple songs, so stay tuned for that. At first I was calling us The Detroit Two, but Dedric said he liked JD And The Fuck People more, so I guess that's what we are. I feel a little weird having my name in the title, but it should be awesome no matter what. I'm wicked tired, a little drunk, and I'm ready for bed. I kinda wish people were still at the house, but oh well. Curt is off with this one lady, and Jay is out doing whoever he's doing these days I'm sure. As I said before though, I'm tired, so I guess I'm going to go now. Peace be with you, whoever you may be, and whatever you may be doing.

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